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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

(Filled with spoilers) 
It's safe to say that Aunt May now has a pretty full house. With Gwen, Bobbie, and Johnny  all living under one roof with Peter things could get a little hectic. Now, though a new mutant into the mix and all hell breaks loose.  
6 months ago Rick Jones expected mutant powers and fell into a coma as a result, completely missing everything that has happened in Ultimatum and needless to say, much has happened since them. Mutants aren't the most loved in the Universe since Magneto's temper tantrum and Rick doesn't know what's happened. On another note though, his mother does know what's happened and all she wants to do is keep her son safe, but in a world that hates mutants, who can she talk to? May Parker. In a mildly comedic scene,  Rick Jone's mother speaks with May about Rick being a mutant and begs her to not tell anyone, to which May immediately in the next scene let's everyone in her house know. This is where the comic really takes off.   

In effort to make Rick feel more at home, (as per request of May) Peter, Bobbie and Johnny suit hope and pay RIck a visit to welcome him to the "world of super-heroes". This goes horribly wrong. We see Rick haphazardly showing off his powers against his own free will. He's new at this and doesn't exactly know how is powers work. This ends up taking Peter through a quite hilarious turn of events (I'll let you read it). When they arrive back at Rick's house, Rick explains that "the eye" has given him his powers which triggers a flashback from Johnny to when he was still part of the Fantastic Four.  6 and 1/2 months prior to the comic, in Ultimate Origins, the Ultimate Watchers felt that the universe was on the brink of destruction (Apparently. I haven't read this part. Thank you Wikipedia!) so they selected Rick Jones as the "herald" who is to "lead the world into the future".  
This is all great, but we will have to rewind for a second to bring you back to a very important thought brought up by Mary Jane in the beginning of the comic. It wasn't the focus of the comic, but very important to think about and you can bet that it will show up later on in the series. Mary Jane asks Peter why would Aunt May allow all those people live in her house. Peter writes it off as her doing a good deed but MJ feels that it's something more. She thinks May has had a metal break down and finally snapped. Not in the "oh your Aunt's just having a bad day" kind of snapped, but in the "She needs a doctor for some help" kind of snapped. MJ brings up the fact that after Ben dying, finding out about Peter's double life, and all that has happened in the world since Ultimatum, that May just had to much to handle. It's a little foreboding, and something to think about. Is Aunt May actually going to snap?
This comic was great. I know there is a lot of Bendis hate out there, but I personally think he is a fantastic writer and it shows in this issue. He had a very good balance of drama, comedy, and action throughout the entire comic. Bendis really stayed true to all of the character's personalities in this issue which given the nature of the comic would have been easy to mess up. With all the drama that is in the comic, Bendis could have easily brought a character to a more dramatic point that normally the character wouldn't experience, but thankfully he avoided this and let the three comedic characters (Peter, Bobbie, and Johnny) be themselves in an issue that has a lot of heavy content involved. Ult. Comics Spidey #7 is an issue that I believe is the best issue so far (granted it's only issue 7 but, hey!). Thanks for reading!

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Posted by War Killer

Great review, you may want to put "SPOILER" next time though, also Kitty doesn't live with the Parkers, she just pops up there a lot now. Other then that awesome review! :D

Posted by HelixandMeteors
@War Killer: Nice catch! Thanks!
Edited by AirDave817

I like your review! 
I like that Bendis tells character stories. Action and adventure are pretty easy elements. Just have characters either chasing or fighting each other. But to fill pages with characters - unique, well-rounded characters that stand up off the page can't be easy. Bendis seems to be able to fit the pieces together. Now, I'll be wondering until the Aunt May piece is resolved. 

(SPOILER: She's really an Ultimate Skrull!) 
Posted by HelixandMeteors
@AirDave817: Thanks!

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