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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 0

(Filled with spoilers)  It's safe to say that Aunt May now has a pretty full house. With Gwen, Bobbie, and Johnny  all living under one roof with Peter things could get a little hectic. Now, though a new mutant into the mix and all hell breaks loose.   6 months ago Rick Jones expected mutant powers and fell into a coma as a result, completely missing everything that has happened in Ultimatum and needless to say, much has happened since them. Mutants aren't the most loved in the Universe since Ma...

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Ultimate Spider-Man and his overcrowded house 0

If you've been following Ultimate Spider-Man, you know that a lot of things have changed since they revamped the series.  Art is a big change as well as some of the status quo.  In recent issues we've seen Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake move into the Parker household, which already has Gwen Stacey (Peter's Girlfriend=/)  so the house is getting a little crowded.  Anyway this issue starts six months ago, which was a little before Ultimatum and we meet Neighbors of the Parkers.  The son,  Ricky,  wh...

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Issue 7, SPOILERS 0

I love me some Ultimate Spider-Man. I love it so much that I own half of the original series in hardcover and half in single issues. I don't miss anything in this book. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man continues this tradition for my collection. And there is a reason why. I have never read a bad Ultimate Spider-Man story. Ever. However there are some that are disappointing. I am glad to say this is not one of those issues. And now to spoil things.   If you haven't been reading Ultimate Comics Spider-...

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The Chosen One 0

Just read this issue and I have to say it is a quite relaxing issue after the Mysterio saga.Although the issue focuses more on the guy named Rick Jones who was chosen as the herald by the eye from Ultimate Origins, than on Peter Parker's overcrowded house. The issues kicks off with Rick Jones who went in coma after manifesting his abilities.After 6 months of unconsciouness the guy finally woke up,than next we see Peter and MJ walking in the Midtown Mall talking about Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake...

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