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At the Baxter Building, Reed Richards and Sue Storm are trying to convince Johnny Storm that he has to attend high school, as he will need to know the skills eventually. After a while, they finally convince him.

At Midtown High, it's Johnny's first day, and Liz Allen can't help but notice him. Liz asks Mary Jane to go over and talk to Johnny for her, but Mary Jane argues that he'll like it if she shows some confidence. Peter denies this, and says that guys like skanky outfits.

At lunch, Johnny quickly uses his powers when no one's watching, to heat up his lunch. A second later, Reed calls him on his mobile phone, and tells him not to use his powers in front of the other kids. After he finishes talking to Reed, Mary Jane comes over and talks to Johnny, asking if he likes blondes. After an embarrassing chat Johnny agrees to meet Liz in the car park after school.

After school, whilst they're waiting for Johnny, Peter and Mary Jane agree that some time soon they'll go out on a fancy date. Liz comes over at that point and tells them that all of them (including Johnny) are going to the beach on Friday after school.

At the beach on Friday, Liz is explaining to Johnny about when the Green Goblin attacked their school. As the talk continues, Johnny accidentally puts his hand in the bonfire, and his body starts to absorb flames. After his whole body is on fire, he says to Mary Jane and Peter that he can explain.     

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