brewski420's Ultimate Spider-Man #6 - The New World According To Peter Parker. Part 6 review


This issue brings about the conclusion of the first arc in this revamped series. Finally! This arc just dragged on and on. It was cool to see the ultimate incarnation of Mysterio but this arc could have been done in 3 or 4 issues. As all ways Brian Bendis writes a good story but he does tend to drag a story out. Now lets get to the art. I really don't like the art. I mean come on, when you have Bagley and Immonem on this series and then bring this new artist on the title it just doesnt work. This artist just doesnt work for ultimate Spider-man. The only reason i'm still buying this title is because i bought every issue of the first volume. And i'm really hoping they get a good artist soon. But let me get to what happened in this issue. We have Aunt May giving Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake a makeover and new names. And at the end of the issue Mysterio sends a Spider-slayer after Peter at his school. The school gets trashed again. lol. The Shroud also makes an appearence to help spidey take down the spider-slayer. We also finally find out the true identity of the Shroud. So that was cool. And Mysterio gets away to fight another day. Now if they will just get a better artist for this series i'll be happy.

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Posted by AirDave817

I'm giving Lafuente time to develop, mature and grow (on me) as an artist...  
Ah, screw it, I'm waiting for the network executives - I mean, (Disney) Marvel editors - to wake up and realize that Jay -  I mean Lafuente's art just doesn't work in some places (the ones between the front cover and the back cover)  
I've never noticed how long and drawn out Bendis' arcs were before. A month is a long time to go to find out what happens next in any book, but with Ultimate Spider-Man, I've been keeping all of the issues together and re-reading them. That's what I've been doing with a lot of books lately; like Blackest Night, Green Lantern. I'm hooked on Batman: The Brave and the Bold because it's done-in-one and I can pick it up and read it in a sitting. Unfortunately - or fortunately - a lot of the all ages books are like that...the mainstream Marvel U and DCU books are "padding for the trade". Not that there's anything wrong with that... 

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