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Norman Osborn strikes against Spider-Man as only he can! Publisher J. Jonah Jameson takes a sudden interest in our young hero! Plus: Peter Parker spins his very first web! Be there as the legend begins anew!

Jonah Jameson complains to his staff that they didn't report about this new Spider-Man and instead headlined the destruction of Osborn's house. He sets Ben Urich to find out everything about Spider-Man, especially if he is really a hero or a crook.

Peter develops his own webshooters with the help of his dad's formula that he finally solved. Working all night on it, he falls asleep during class and gets into more trouble, when he tells the coach that he is quitting the basketball team. When Harry arrives, Peter tries to talk to him about both of their family losses, but Harry isn't interested. Before they can go on talking, the school is attacked. Peter has to figure out how to change into Spider-Man without anyone noticing him, but when he is ready, he encounters the Green Goblin. He fights against him for a while, but then he takes Spider-Man with him, flying through the school wall, over the city. When Peter hears his name spoken by the villain, he wonders who he is talking to.

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