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Continued on from last issue, Peter Parker has just returned home to find Gwen Stacy pointing a gun at him and claiming that he killed her father's costume. Meanwhile, upstairs Aunt May has just arrived home, and Peter makes use of the distraction to grab the gun from Gwen. He explains to her that he attempts to save people as Spider-Man and that he would never hurt anyone on purpose. After he's done explaining, Gwen runs outside.

Peter makes a quick change out of his Spider-Man costume and heads upstairs to Aunt May, who immediately makes a big deal about his face (which is badly injured after his fight with Doctor Octopus).

Later that day, Peter is lying on his bed after a trip to the dentist when Mary Jane comes in. She asks if he's alright and then Peter says that Gwen worked out that he was Spider-Man. Mary Jane apologises, as she ran out of the house when Spider-Man was on TV fighting Doctor Octopus, which looked suspicious. Gwen then comes in and says that she would have found out eventually. She agrees not to tell anyone about Peter's other identity.

At Stark Industries, several SHIELD agents, Nick Fury and Doctor Octopus (heavily sedated) are all in front of a large vat of lava. Fury explains that the reason he didn't destroy Doctor Octopus's arms last time he was captured is because they thought that they could be studied. He then explains that it's a decision that was a mistake, and that he will not make that mistake again. A SHIELD agent lowers the arms into the vat, whilst Doctor Octopus screams for them not to destroy the arms.

Four months later, the Spider-Man film has been finished,and it has proven to be a big hit.

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