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Continued on from last issue, the plane that Doctor Octopus has just taken over has just landed at Sao Paulo/Congonhas International Airport in Brazil. The pilot of the plane tells Doc Ock that Spider-Man is probably dead, but Octopus says that he will be out there somewhere. Just as he finishes saying that, Spider-Man leaps out of nowhere and starts punching Doctor Octopus. After a few punches, Octopus is knocked out, and Spider-Man looks at a sign and realises that he's not in America. Some soldiers at the airport come over and aim there guns at him, before an English speaking woman informs him that he's in Brazil. The soldiers ask Spider-Man to remove his mask and file some paperwork, but he quickly jumps away and stows away on a plane.

After stowing away on a few more planes, Peter manages to get back to Queens, a few moments before Aunt May does. He takes off his mask and walks inside where he finds Gwen Stacy pointing a gun at him, claiming that he killed her father.

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