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Mary Jane's gone missing. She's packed a bag and taken her money and disappeared from her house. May thinks that Peter might have her hidden in the basement but he was out with the Black Cat when she went missing, so this is the first that he's hearing about it too.

Peter runs off into the night to look for her and tracks her down at their "secret spot" where they talk about what has happened and her concerns. Wanting to run away with Peter, they both know that they aren't ready for it and she agrees to return home.

The following day, Peter does some investigating via the Daily Bugle's archive and surprises himself by discovering the identity of the Black Cat - Felicia Hardy. But if he's figured it out, he knows he's probably not the only one who knows by now. Rushing over to Fisk Enterprises where she works as an accountant, he arrives to see her accosted by the Kingpin and Elektra. The Kingpin is still after the tablet that the Black Cat stole from a safe and will do anything to get it. In the ensuing fight, the Black Cat throws the tablet into the river, takes one of Elektra's sai in the chest and disappears after falling from the roof of the building.

In the coda, Wilson Fisk reveals his reason for possessing the stolen tablet. For the slight chance that the information engraved on it could be used to help his ailing wife.

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