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In this, the first appearance of the Ultimate Black Cat, young Peter meets a real woman!

The Black Cat breaks into a building to steal a tablet, and in the process the guards experience lots of "bad luck" caused by the Cat! After she beats a hasty retreat from the scene, Felicia encounters Spider-Man up on the rooftop. Spidey gives chase, and the two skirmish. After the Black Cat easily beats the young hero, she informs him that he crossed a Black Cat, and will get seven years bad luck! She gives him a smile, and disappears into the night!

Later on, Peter confides in Mary Jane that he is thinking of giving up being Spider-Man, and asks her what she thinks. Mary Jane tells peter that it would be nice to have a more "normal" relationship.

Then MJ's dad arrives and demands an explanation from Peter. You see her dad has read her diary and now knows that MJ fell off a bridge and almost died, if not for Peter saving her! He then forbids Peter from seeing MJ anymore, and threatens him until Aunt May kicks him out of her house!

After Peter is left alone to ponder what has happened, he sees a television report concerning the Black Cat, and the reporters think thad Spidey and the Black Cat are working together!

It can only get worse for our hero................

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