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Osborn Industries is a disaster zone. Scientists have been impaled with their own equipment, some are bleeding to death on the floor, and Harry Osborn is lying unconscious amongst the rubble. His father, Norman, is nowhere to be seen. 

Back at UCW wrestling, the money from the box office receipts is gone, and Spider-Man is accused of taking it, purely because he wears a mask and is hiding is identity. After threatening to call the police, the other wrestlers surround Spidey and try to take off his mask, but with some quick acrobatics he breaks free and escapes into the night. 

On the way home as Peter Parker, he comes across a couple who’s Deli is being robbed. The criminal runs towards Peter who just makes a joke and steps out of the guy’s way. After being chastised by the Deli owners, Peter simply tells them that it’s not his job to stop criminals and he has his own problems. 

After a another fight with his aunt and uncle, Peter runs away and goes to a party at Kong’s house. He almost hooks up with a rather drunk Liz Allen, before Mary Jane spots them and storms out. Peter chases after her and is confronted by his Uncle Ben, who drags him back home. 

On the way, Uncle Ben gives Peter a life lesson; a philosophy that Peter’s father held to pretty strongly. 

“If there were things in this world that you have to offer, things that you can do better than anyone else... Things you can do that help people or make them feel better about themselves, then it’s not just a good idea to do those things. It’s your responsibility to do them.” 

Peter again shouts at his Uncle, and runs off into the night. He begins to cry in the rain at the top of a building while, unbeknownst to Peter, a monster is crawling through the alleys of New York... 

Peter Parker returns home later, and his eyes widen as he finds the a number of police cars and ambulances outside his family home.

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