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Norman Osborn tells the scientists at Osborn Industries that he plans to inject himself with the OZ compound, hoping to replicate the same effects that the spider’s bite had on Peter Parker. Despite misgivings from his employees, they soon bend to his will. 

Peter decides to pull on a mask and take part in a UCW wrestling event. If anyone can take down the invincible Crusher Hogan, they would earn five hundred dollars. Peter has no trouble in dispatching the wrestler with his new enhanced strength and claims the money. Peter refuses to unmask himself, but promises to go back and appear on Monday night’s show. 

On Monday night’s show, Peter once again takes down Crusher Hogan in a rematch and Peter becomes the new UCW Champion. In front of an adorning crowd, the ring announcer presents the amazing... ‘Spider-Man!' 

Backstage, Peter is given another lot of cash and once again resists pleas to remove his mask. The announcer tells Peter to come back on Friday night, and hands him a costume in a duffel bag. Back at home, we get the first glimpse of his red-and-blue outfit. 

Peter gives the money he earned anonymously to his Aunt and Uncle, in order to pay for Flash’s medical bills. 

Back at Osborn Industries, in-front of his watching son, Norman injects himself with the compound and lets off a cry of agony as a look of horror takes over Harry’s face.

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