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Ben Urich starts this issue out at the bank when Spider-man jumps in and tries to rob the bank, from what it seems it's spiderman who's robbing the bank but Ben notices that this man doesn't have the certain grace that the real Spider-man usually has.

The next scene Jonah is jumping with joy that Spider-man has been caught in the crime and can't wait to publish this issue but Ben is arguing with Jonah saying that he doesn't think that it was really Spider-man who robbed that bank. This gets Ben in trouble and starts a massive argument with Jonah ending with Jonah winning.

Peter over hears their conversation and is a little freaked out about it so he uses the train to get home. When he finally reaches home he sees a cop car outside and assumes that somethings wrong but he finds out that Gwen's mom left and Gwen's dad is going to a police detectives conference so Gwen has to stay with them for a few days.

This obviously makes MJ mad and she seems to think that Peter is cheating on her with Gwen. This ends with MJ storming off a little upset.

The next scene Peter is doing his homework with Gwen when he heres a news report about Spider-man doing a jewel heist, Peter decides to go after him. When he gets there the police think that he's the bad guy and they start shooting at him, when suddenly Peter is shot in the shoulder and falls to the ground.

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