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This starts with Harry waking up to Norman killing peter with his mask off, so he now knows the identity of the Green Goblin and Spiderman. Eventually Peter was able to kick Norman and try to get away. Peter then threw a desk at Norman but in the instance the desk fell out the window and would've landed on some people so Peter quickly uses his webs to stop it from falling but this also made him open for Norman to attack him so just as Norman is about to strike Harry stabs Norman in the back with a large broken piece of metal, left over from the battle, this causes Norman to go back to normal. Harry faints almost directly after. The shield agents finally show up with Nick Fury, Peter yells at Nick fury for letting this escalate to such a level and the conversation eventually leads up to how by the time peter is 18 he is put under Nick Fury's power because he is an illegal genetic mutant. Peter very upset about this leaves the penthouse and goes to Mary Jane where he tries to tell what happened but isn't able to.

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