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As Kraven the Hunter sits on his tour bus, preparing himself for battle with Spider-Man at Hammer Industries, Doctor Octopus stands in front of the gathered media, calling out Justin Hammer.

Growing impatient, Doctor Octopus attacks Hammer's limousine but Spider-Man swings in and the two do battle. As they tussle, Spider-Man remarks of the enhancements to Doctor Octopus' tentacles as the media follow their every move.

Elsewhere, Kraven continues to prepare himself, Mary Jane watches the live news feed nervously, and J. Jonah Jameson watches with interest.

Doctor Octopus appears to gain the upper hand, but Spider-Man wriggles free and shoots a web at Doctor Octopus' pants, yanking them down to reveal his underwear. His opponent distracted, Spider-Man batters Doctor Octopus to the ground, then webs his face and tears out one of his tentacles, subduing him.

As Spider-Man collects himself, a reporter attempts to grab an interview, when Kraven the Hunter finally makes his appearance...

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