prime_2's Ultimate Spider-Man #2 - The New World According To Peter Parker Part Two review

Did i die and go to comic heaven? (PART 2) - Ultimatum

If you read my last review, apparently someone thought that i wasn't clear enough when i told spoilers, so now i'll put the word SPOILERS, in bold. Now that i've dealt with that , time to review some comics. 
First i would like to say that Ultimatum, has been redeemed and its thank to Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers. (why didn't Bendis and Millar write Ultimatum anyway?, that would have been worth $4.00 an issue!) 
Any-who, this issue opens with the catch-up page witch tells what happenned last issue and six months ago,(for those who aren't mentally prepared for this thats in the comic world.). 
Next we move to the Parker ressidence where the parkers,(please tell me everyone knows who they are), and Gwen stand over the unconcious Jonny Storm/Human Torch. 
Then, we enter , SPOILER, Mysterio's lair and yes he killed the Kingpin (oops, i forgot to say spoilers, too bad) 
so then he goes on about power and money and blah,blah,blah. 
 After that we see Kitty eating at lunch peacefully, until Flash "the R-tard" Tompson begins a food throwing game at Kitty so she uses her powers in school when considering mutants are illigal, (!!!!!!) i know your shocked, is bad because they all get in trouble and Kitty gets into a arguement with MJ that ends in her breaking MJ's camera. 
Up next theres Peter and Gwen sitting on the roof talking and eating lunch then there is a BOOM, and Peter leaves to go kick some ars, this leads to one of the funniest fight scenes in a comic EVER. 
Finnally we go back to the Parker ressidence where jonny finally wakes up and Aunt May asks the mindblowing question, SPOILER, ARE YOU BATMAN????, just joking its really, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????????    
 5 out of 5

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