sonofhercules95's Ultimate Spider-Man #2 - The New World According To Peter Parker Part Two review


If you read the last issue, then you should know the Kingpin is dead. The reinvention of Mysterio is amazing, theres no magician acts, but he does deal a lot with machinery. It's nice to see that the ultimate universe hasnt completely forgotten about the events of Ultimatum. Kitty Pride is forbidden to use her mutant powers, the daily bugle has gone out of business, and The Spectacular Spider-man is idolized by almost all of New York. Usually, some writers forget these things but lucky, this comic is written by the one and only Brian Micheal Bendis. Great story, great art, and a mildly great cliff hanger. Can't wait to see what happens next.


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    An event here and an event there 0

    Okay we have a new villain introduced- the Mysterio who kills kingpin. While this is picking up a thread, there is this Johnny Storm lying in Spidey's house; there is a lady and her daughter trying to shoplift a store with their mysterious bombshell powers. Again a mix of lot of events with none of them leading anywhere.Art: So-so. I don't like it that much. Although the art of the town is awesome but the people don't look that great. Especially Peter & Gwen. They look more like Manga charac...

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    Gwen is a "cutie"? 0

    3 out of 5.... is preety much right....  -You would probably wanna read my review for issue 1 first- (  Ok on the first issue I mentioned that I didn't like the art.... still don't like it, but I wouldn't expect me to change my mind  just one issue later...  As far as the story goes... Bendis gave me some added questions to series..... Liek what happened to MJ and Kitty...

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