sora_thekey's Ultimate Spider-Man #160 - Death of Spider-Man: Part 5 of 5 review

“After Every Beginning there is an End”

The book that got me into reading comic books has reached its end. Was the experience everything that we hoped it would be?

The Good

The teamwork of Brian M. Bendis and Mark Bagley can easily be described as legendary. Their aptitude for storytelling is classic and it is a pleasure to see this series end with the creative team that started it over ten years ago.

The events in this final issue are moving, emotive and exciting. For the lack of a better word this whole arc was close to perfection. The incorporation of (almost) every single supporting character in the series created the perfect setting for such an emotional finale.

The Bad

The story “intertwines” with the Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates mini series. This story did not need the inclusion of the rest of the Ultimate Universe other than was already included in this last arc.

The Verdict – 4.5 out of 5

The story arc was called Death of Spider-Man so the ending of this issue should come as no surprise. The surprise was that, thanks to the execution, I enjoyed the issue even though I knew what the outcome would be.


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