tsakura's Ultimate Spider-Man #160 - Death of Spider-Man: Part 5 of 5 review

MJ's Heartbreak

Contains Spoilers!

It doesn’t ever get any easier to say good-bye to a Hero. In this one, I have to once more. It’s even harder when it’s someone that is happy-go-lucky like Spider- Man.

When I saw this was coming out, I HAD to buy this one. It is the only one I have for this 5-part story at this time, but it is a must have. Now I have to go and get the rest of the story to see how this happed and started.

Right from the start of this comic, things are Crazy!

Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is out to Kill Spider- Man and ALL of his loved ones! Osborn has gone crazy with blood! And this is something Aunt May sees clearly!

Even with the help of Johnny on his side, nothing can stop Osborn! There all the chaos, Peter has to make the Ultimate chose… Kill Osborn or Let him and his love ones die!

After he gives MJ one last Kiss, he knows what has to be done. And to bring back Painful memories from the past… MJ learned that day what Lois Lane had to learn when her Lover died.

At least for MJ, It wasn’t a Double Death for her.

If there is one thing about comics I have to have, it’s these kind I like to have. Sad, but true. They can make you cry, sometimes for days. But every Hero has to go. And Peter did it in the only way a Hero can, fighting and with family. You did good Spider- Man, thank you!


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