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An emotional end to one of my favorite characters

Death of Spider-Man: Prologue caught a lot of flack for not really showing a clear direction for what exactly was going to be killing poor old Spidey, but really it's way more sinister. Spider-Man's life finally seemed to be getting in order, things were really starting to look up, and then this.


I love that Bendis and Bagley were reunited for these last issues of the behemoth book that they both pushed to the forefront of the Ultimate universe. Their collaboration is top-notch in this book. The violence between Osborn and Parker is rough and palpable and it appropriately felt like Peter was just at the end of his game.

Everyone was pretty much great in this book. May, Gwen, and Mary Jane (especially) acted like you'd expect them to.


I'll really miss Ultimate Peter Parker and the worst part of it is that

his sacrifice might have been in vain. Osborn clearly cracks a smile at the end.

it seems like his sacrifice may have been futile

Still, there's not much bad about the book. Some may find the thing that actually kills Peter is a little anti-climactic, but I think it fits in ok when you remember that he's been losing tons of blood for about three issues now. I guess I don't have anything terrible to say about this book. I do worry about what they'll do next and I definitely hope they don't pull an Ultimatum, but I can't really fault this book for what they do in the future


If you've been reading USM, as I have, since issue #1, then you absolutely have to catch the book's conclusion. Peter Parker had a brutal run, but now it's time for the spider mantle to move on. Can't wait to see what Marvel does next.

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