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Ultimate Spider-Man #160 0

     Im reviewing Ultimate Spider-man #160.  The death of Spider-Man!       Let me start off by saying that I'm not a big fan of Spider-Man, but I was hoping for something more exciting then what happened in this issue!  I hade not gotten any of the previous issues of this story arc but had followed it enough on Comic Vine that I wasnt going in totally blind.  I like the story Bendis had crafted and what Spider-man was doing during the final battle.  The thing that killed him..............Very L...

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The End 0

 ***SPOILERS INCLUDED***  And so the 10 year run of 'Ultimate Spider-Man' came to an end.It started with Bendis-Bagley and ended with Bendis-Bagley with a little help from Stuart Immonen,David LaFuente and Sara Pichelli.For me this arc was the most important in young Peter's life not only because he eventually died saving New York but also because he ended up victorious.It was his final test.His uncle Ben died because he wasn't thinking of consequences but as his final act he saved his family an...

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An emotional end to one of my favorite characters 0

Death of Spider-Man: Prologue caught a lot of flack for not really showing a clear direction for what exactly was going to be killing poor old Spidey, but really it's way more sinister. Spider-Man's life finally seemed to be getting in order, things were really starting to look up, and then this.GoodI love that Bendis and Bagley were reunited for these last issues of the behemoth book that they both pushed to the forefront of the Ultimate universe. Their collaboration is top-notch in this book. ...

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MJ's Heartbreak 0

Contains Spoilers!It doesn’t ever get any easier to say good-bye to a Hero. In this one, I have to once more. It’s even harder when it’s someone that is happy-go-lucky like Spider- Man.When I saw this was coming out, I HAD to buy this one. It is the only one I have for this 5-part story at this time, but it is a must have. Now I have to go and get the rest of the story to see how this happed and started.Right from the start of this comic, things are Crazy!Green GoblinThe Green Goblin is out to K...

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Peter dies with no regrets 0

     Cover I really liked the cover because we knew the end was coming and this is what we were waiting for. I also loved the variant covers I saw. My favorite one has to be with Uncle Ben and Peter walking into the light. Story This is the last part of the Death of Spider-man. Even though the story arc is called the Death of Spider-man we do not know if he will die or not because sometimes the name of a story arc fools us. But in the end Peter does die. Best Part I have been waiting fo...

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mourn 0

  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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The Ultimate Universe loses one of its greatest heroes. 0

Synopsis: The Death of Spider-Man, along with the series, comes to a close. What's Good? Really, a battle between Peter and Norman Osborn was the right way to finish this series. The creation vs the creator. Peter gives every ounce of his remaining strength to fight him and protect his friends and family, and even while he's bleeding to death, he has time to crack a few jokes. But he's not alone in this fight. Like with the previous issue, some characters go out their way and do some ridiculous...

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Death of Spider-Man FInale 0


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Thanks Mark and Brian, what's next? 0

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!s    ...

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“After Every Beginning there is an End” 0

The book that got me into reading comic books has reached its end. Was the experience everything that we hoped it would be?The GoodThe teamwork of Brian M. Bendis and Mark Bagley can easily be described as legendary. Their aptitude for storytelling is classic and it is a pleasure to see this series end with the creative team that started it over ten years ago.The events in this final issue are moving, emotive and exciting. For the lack of a better word this whole arc was close to perfection. The...

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Spider-Man No More 0

Amazing. This word has described almost every detail of the web-slinger known as Spider-Man. Almost 11 years ago a boy was bitten by a radioactive spider and given the strength of Hercules, the speed of  Mercury, and the wisdom of Uncle Ben. The story basically centers around the final moments of Peter Parker and his loved ones. The Green Goblin and Spider-Man are engaged in their final battle on the front yard of the Parker household. It's not a spoiler to say the Amazing Spider-man dies in ...

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He's not really... dead, isn't he? 0

This is it. Spidey is making his stand. His final stand against... well, everyone. And with a title like this, are you surprised he's dead?  The Good:  Pretty much the only thing I really like about this issue is the fact that the actual death is not overblown and doesn't take up half the issue. There's nothing worse than listening to people whine about what they regret and everything in life while they're bleeding out and have received a headshot. Humans don't work that way. So yeah, Spidey dyi...

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Amazing mix of action & emotion... 0

I'm probably not qualified to review the much talked about Ultimate Spider-Man #160. I've never cared for the Ultimate universe and have only read a handful of Ultimate issues. But with a storyline titled "Death of Spider-Man" it's hard to pass on it's finale. To prepare for this issue, I grabbed the last three hoping to get grounded in the story. While it's easy to grasp what's going on, I still struggled with what appeared to be gaping plot holes. But these issues probably has clear answers t...

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The End... Captain America Stinks! 0

The last issue of Ultimate Spider-Man is here will he live or die? Find out here! Writing. First off sorry about the break but I got a ton of comics on my birthday and this one was my favorite. Brian Michael Bendis ends the series off the same way he started it with amazing writing. Spider-Man is ver heroic in this issue and written well. I may not be the biggest fan of MJ+Peter in the Ultimate Universe it's written so well here I don't mind. Johnny Storm is well written here but Peter reall sho...

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Lackluster End for the Heart of the Ultimate Universe 0

Spoiler: Spider-Man dies. "No shit," you say. Well, yeah, no shit. I have mixed feeling about this. Ultimate Spider-Man was one of two books I attribute to reintroducing me to Marvel Comics (and superhero books in general) after an extended leave of absence. I've invested time, resources, and thought into this book over the last 160 issues. I have got to say, this does not seem to be a natural progression of the story. Then again, nothing has felt natural or organic about storytelling in ...

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Meh 0

Drawn to ultimate spiderman 160 like a moth to a flame, i toddled down to the local comic shop to purchase an epic issue.  Or so i thought.  This issue was disappointing to say the least, with Peter Parker essentially being killed by an accident.  That's right.  Not a supervillain, bomb or mystery illness. A "£$%ing accident.  This was a giant slap in the face and defeated the purpose of the Green Goblin's presence and spiderman's maturation as a crime fighter; would it have been acceptable for ...

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A boy and his courage. 0

Unlike DC Comics and the standard Marvel Universe, what happens in the Ultimate Marvel Series, happens for good.  Characters that die stay dead.The Ultimate Universe started with Ultimate Spider-Man #1.  It was new, fresh and had a much tighter continuity between series.  I picked up issues #1 and have been a devoted reader of everything the Ultimate Universe produced.  Yes, I have read every single issue published under the banner "Ultimate."  It is a beautiful and tightly compact narrative-- i...

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man 160 Review 0

A heroic last stand, Peter Parker, severely wounded and exhausted, holds his own against the crazed Green Goblin. In what has to be one of Bendis' greatest works, we see our hero take a triumphant last stand in front of the Parker household.  This issue, along with the rest of the Death of Spider-Man story line is one of Bendis' greatest works. He delivers an action packed story that really delivers. We see our hero, battered and bruised take on the Green Goblin, who wants nothing more than to  ...

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Comic Review -- Ultimate Spider-Man #160 / Brian Michael Bendis, 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Spider-Man is one of those characters in comics who, whether you like him or not, is undeniably a touchstone of modern popular culture. You've heard of him, and you probably know a lot more about him than almost any other iconic comic book character, Superman and Batman notwithstanding. And in the 50 years of history and storytelling during which he's existed, he's endured tragedies and triumphs of titanic proportions.So when you ...

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