duo_forbidden's Ultimate Spider-Man #154 - Death of Spider-Man: Prelude review

Who will wield the Zodiac key?

Synopsis: A battle royal for the Zodiac key!

What's Good?

After three issues, it's about time that Spider-man joins Black Cat and Mysterio in their recent encounter. It seems that most people are deaf at ears and have to experience for themselves when it comes to the Zodiac key. Even with Spidey's jokes, things get ugly. And even when there was no actual training between Iron Man and Pete, a nice level of respect  continues to develop between the two. Brian Bendis still brings out the good when it comes to these characters in this issue.

 Yes, the Zodiac key is that dangerous.

Despite having three artists, once again, Sara Pichelli's artwork stands out the most. The fight scenes were great as everyone fought for possession of the Zodiac key.

What's Bad?

Once again, don't expect anything about The Death of Spider-man just because it has "Prelude" in it's title.  

I'm not sure what to think about the relationship with Peter and Mary Jane. It seems to be moving slightly too fast after all, the whole Chameleon sibling fiasco is still fresh in people's mind. I could be wrong, cause there wasn't really a real sign that they gotten back together. This also makes me feel bad for Gwen.

Honestly, this issue could work without Elena Casagrande's artwork. It's not bad, but since we already have Sara Pichelli and David Lafuente, there's no reason for her to be in this issue (But then again, this issue came out two weeks after the last issue, so maybe it was due to time issues). Maybe Lafuente could have taken a break and let Pichelli do the artwork. After all, she's been doing a wonderful job with the art so far, and with Mark Baley set to return, it's possible that we might never see Spider-man at the end of The Death of Spider-man.

Overall: Nice conclusion to wrap up this story. With only one issue left before the Death of Spider-man, really starts, this was a unique story before things got really hectic in Pete's life. 

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