jlat89's Ultimate Spider-Man #154 - Death of Spider-Man: Prelude review

"I...don't follow her on facebook."

With the next big Ultimate event right around the corner, it definitely seems to be the time to be reading Ultimate Spider-Man, considering the event is called the Death of Spider-Man.  This issue serves as the prelude to the event, although I don't necessarily see any connection, but maybe that's just because the whole story isn't out at this time.  But regardless if you're an Ultimate Spider-Man fan you're probably interested in how this issue goes.  

The Script

The writing, by Brian Michael Bendis is as usual top notch.  He knows how to write this comic.  Regardless of your feelings towards him in his other work, Bendis' masterpiece will always be Ultimate Spider-Man.  The character interactions, whether they be between MJ and Gwen, Peter and Iron Man, Spider-Man and Black Cat, Spider-Man and Mysterio, all of them are nailed.  There is that specific humor that Peter has in the ultimate universe that is always a treat to listen to.  As far as writing goes it was extremely well done.

The Art

The art, I don't if it's because I know that Mark Bagley is comic back soon or that I've just never really warmed up to it, but it was alright.  They've definitely done better than this.  There are 3 artists crammed into this issue, Sara Pichelli, David Lafuente, and Elena Casagrande.  I mean, at first glance I don't see that much difference in their overall style, but if you look closely I suppose that you could.  Ever since the relaunch, even though it didn't last long before they reverted back to the original numbers I haven't been a fan of the art and that's still kind of my biggest complaint of the book.  Luckily I liked the script a lot.  MJ and Gwen are still looking awkward in this style and sometimes Gwen looks like a nut.  There's a scene with Iron Man and his armor and that was well drawn so I can't complain there.  Some scenes Spider-Man's proportions look really weird.   The cover is pretty cool though so that's some extra points.  


 So with the Death of Spider-Man literally right around the corner I'm definitely excited.  I really hope Marvel doesn't kill the face of Ultimate Comics, but it could lead to something very new and interesting for the variation of the traditional universe.  Definitely not a jumping on point, unless you read the first part of the prelude and even then it would probably be better to start at issue 150.   Obviously if you're an Ultimate Spider-Man fan you're getting this, or have already gotten it.  Regardless of the art, the story was good and definitely has me interested in the coming months.
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