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Ultimate Spider-Man : 'Nuff Said

So... yeah. Ultimate Spider-Man has ended. On the lighter side, it ends with a silent issue.

I'll start off by saying that this review is nothing if I don't spoil everything about this issue. If you don't want to know how it ends, stop reading, because the entire issue revolves around what happens last few pages. The story is told beautifully in just the art, I don't think people understand how much strain it puts on the artist and writer to attempt an issue like this, the wrong artist can make or break this project and Immonen made it for me.

I'm very saddened that this is how the series has to end though, even if it's on a high note.

:::::::::::::::::::::: SPOILER ::::::::::::::::::::::

Peter Parker is dead. As far as anything is concerned, Parker is dead. There is a white flash at the beginning of the issue, Parker is gone. (I bet Loeb undoes this at the end of Ultimatum) The issue, in all it's silent glory, revolves around Spider-Woman trying to help as many people as possible in New York. She runs into Kitty, there is a very funny moment there and the life saving continues. In the last few pages, they find what's left of Spider-Man's mask, there are tears as Kitty presents it to Mary Jane and Aunt May. The issue ends and we get an interview with Bendis about the series as a whole.

The art is fantastic. People of less artistic realization would say the writing was poor, but doing an issue without words is even harder to write than one with words. So, the team jumped the hurtle of words and did it with flying colors. I'm just sad because I don't think I'll be picking up the next Volume, I'm afraid of how Ultimatum will end.

Pick it up if simply to have the last issue of the volume... until next volume and the re-numbering that will come within the first 12 issues.
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Posted by sora_thekey

Wouldn't it be better to have a renumbering in 17 issues?

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