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The issue begins with Spider-Man battling the Enforcers and Electro. Dodging a blast from Electro, Spider-Man's foot is caught by Ox, who smashes him against electrical equipment, knocking him out. The Enforcers discuss what to do with Spider-Man, who it turns out was acting. He despatches the Enforcers, before turning his attention to Electro, pinning him to a wall. Electro begins to get cocky, threatening Spider-Man's family. Spider-Man then breaks open a water pipe and throws Electro at it, causing an explosion which subdues him.

Spider-Man makes his way towards the exit with the surveillance footage, but is stopped by the Kingpin. Spider-Man proceeds to bring out a list full of fat jokes, and begins to mock Kingpin, who becomes enraged. Kingpin lunges for Spider-Man, who dodges his attacks and continues to mock him, before webbing him to a wall and escaping with the footage.

At home, Peter Parker destroys the DVD revealing his unmasking, before heading over to the Daily Bugle to drop the footage on Ben Urich's desk. Urich the goes to J. Jonah Jameson's office to show him the footage. Peter then calls Mary Jane to ask her to meet him after school the next day as he has something really important to tell her.

We then see Wilson Fisk in what appears to be a foreign country. He holds a paper reporting that his whereabouts are unknown after the footage of him murdering Mr. Big was released. Fisk's lawyer tells him he can fix things, but it will take some time.

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