sora_thekey's Ultimate Spider-Man #118 - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Part 1 review

Having Fun

After so many strict (Ultimate Knights)and sad (Death of a Goblin) we see spidy have some fun.

Peter, Mary Jane, Kitty Pryde, Kenny, Jhonny Storm, and Liz Allen show their feelings of what's going on around them. Liz ends up showwing her powers around a fire with the Human Torch himself. Logan has some news for Kitty and Iceman came to apologyze. So now the story seems to have a fun twist. Oh yeah and Kenny knows Spider-Man's secret identity.

Although the whole thing between Kenny and Kitty is going well Kenny feels insecure. Aunt May did not appear and this arc seems to be rewriting the term of a good old fashion team up. It combines the best of Spidey the FF's Human Torch, the best of X men both good and bad and new superheroes.

It stars with Peter feeling sick of Einstein, MJ sick of her job, Kenny sick of not being more open to the girl he's going out with and the fact that he knows who Spidey is, Liz sick to her stomach, Jhonny sick of his girlfriends and Kitty sick of being stared at. It becomes a riot ant High School since they all huddle and decide to go to the beach. At night being around the fire Liz starts burning up literally. And thats a cliffhanger for you all.

Overall it was great!

Posted by deadpool1fanjon

well this was surprising

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