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With Daredevil’s super-squad assembled to take down the Kingpin, and Spider-Man in the clutches of the Kingpin himself, Daredevil breaks into Fisk Towers for an eleventh-hour rescue! But things go from bad to worse—when Spidey discovers a traitor in the midst of DD’s team! Don’t miss it! Part 4 (of 5)

Matt Murdock is in court when he hears about the attack on Midtown High. He hears the news report that a masked man was looking for Spider-Man. He takes that moment to excuse himself.

Peter Parker wakes up in the clutches of the Kingpin. He is tied up with his masked removed. Kingpin wonders if Spider-Man is a mutant. He tells Peter that he thought about having him fingerprinted to find out his true identity. He decided against it because an associate of his in the FBI has told him that Nick Fury had Spider-Man flagged. If Kingpin were to do anything, Fury would become involved. He wonders why Fury is so interested in him and why he isn't on his superteam. Kingpin has decided he doesn't care. He is Spider-Man, that's all that matters. He tells him that he knows where to find him if he needs too. He knows where he'll be until he graduates. He knows that he was involved with Kitty Pryde of the X-Men. He threatens to blow up Midtown High or even the Xavier Institute. He tells him the reason he hasn't done anything further against him is because he owns the rights to him. He has recently found out that one of the companies he bought had the rights to Spider-Man's likeness. Kingpin now owns the worldwide rights to Spider-Man. Killing him would be bad for business. Kingpin tells him that he owns him. He wants him and his gang of "vigilante knights" to leave him alone. He then punches Moon Knight, still disguiesed as Ronin, in the face. Kingpin says he will kill him if he has to. The nostolgia market has its benefits. And if he has to, he can always simply hire someone else to be Spider-Man.

Daredevil busts through the window of an office building. It is desserted. After knocking out the security camera, he "looks" around the desk. He picks up the phone and calls Dr. Strange's place. He manages to convince Wong to interupt Strange's "meditation" with a woman to come to the phone. Strange arrives at the office and Daredevil expresses his concern over Spider-Man. Daredevil asks Dr. Strange to conjour a spell that will allow them to see what happened in the office recently. He can smell Spider-Man and Kingpin and a little bit of Moon Knight. With the spell on, Dr. Strange finds out that Daredevil can't see when he has to explain what he is seeing. He can see Moon Knight in his new identity and Spider-Man being dragged away. They follow a trail to an empty room where Kingpin interigated Spider-Man. There is also a bit of Moon Knight's blood left from the Kingpin beating on him.

Later Daredevil meets with Strange, Shang-Chi and Iron Fist. He tells them they need to find Spider-Man. Spider-Man soon arrives angry with Daredevil. He webs him in the face and he has to take off his mask. He begins attacking him asking him how can he sleep at night. The others try to stop Spider-Man but he knocks their attacks away. Spider-Man believes what the Kinpin said about Matt Murdock working as his lawyer and how he set them up. Matt is surprised that Kingpin knows his identity. He finally manages to convince Spider-Man that he isn't working for him. He tells them that his father was killed by the Kingping when he wouldn't take a fall for him in a boxing match.

Matt Murdock's law office explodes at that moment. Shang-Chi wants to go and rescue anyone inside. Daredevil tells him that the building was empty. He tells them that he wants to bring Kingpin to justice. They try to figure out how Kingpin found out about Daredevil's identity. Spider-Man doesn't think that Moon Knight was really working with Kingpin because of the beating he took. Shang-Chi isn't as willing to believe that crazy Moon Knight didn't betray them. Then Matt looks at Iron Fist. He asks him if he told Kingpin how his powers work. Iron Fist acts as if he doesn't know what Daredevil is talking about. Then Daredevil recalls that he doesn't know how his powers work. He tells Iron Fist that he's basically a human lie detector. He could tell when his heartbeat and temperature in his body fluctuates. He demands that he tells him what exactly he told Kingpin.

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