prime_2's Ultimate Spider-Man #1 - The New World According to Peter Parker review

Did i die and go to comic heaven?

As we know (unless you were smart enough to NOT buy Ultimatum.) the Ultimate universe is starting over, with Ultimate Spiderman being one the first to start up again I thought i'd write this review. 
The first page is basically Peter giving his little round-up of Ultimatum.  
Then he is revealed to be working at a burger joint called "Frog Burgers", and while taking some old lady's order gets into some some pretty hillarious trouble.  
Next is the usual catch-up page if you missed an issue. 
After that we move to the robbery scene we saw in the preview for this issue and the mysterious red figure that know one knows the name of (cough Kitty cough) is standing on a rooftop above the cops (who ask to shake Spidey's hand) and Spiderman. 
Then we move to the Parker residence where we see Peter swing into his room and talks to Gwen who was waiting for him (Um anyone for creepy psycho killing stalker?)  
On the next page (MAJOR SPOILER) Peter and Gwen make out.  
Then Peter goes downstairs to answer the door, guess who, Jonny Storm who falls asleep in Pete's arms. 
Finally we go to a scene with the Kingpin (MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER) being zapped off a building by Mysterio!!!

Posted by sora_thekey

Dude did you write a review or just tell the whole story... cause I think that part is supossed to be added at the top!

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    This issue is intresting and extraordinary (how do you like me now... using big words like that)  NO seriously... Bendis, my respects for the man because he knows how to write a good story. This issue is 6 months after Ultimatum (Yes it's finally over!!!!) and yet I feel that this could easily have been ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Issue No. 136.... I say 136 instead of 134 because the Requiems could have been 134 and 135.....   The story is great, I mean Peter is not dead so the world is right again. No...

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