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Issue #1 of Ultimate New Ultimates by Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho is finally here! I've been excited about this series since i first heard about it a few months ago. And come to find out i was excited for good reason. This issue was a really, really good read, and the art was fantastic. Great job Mr.Cho. So in this issue we get to see the Ultimates back together again for the fourth installment. In the beginning we see Hawkeye and Iron Man ontop of their headquarters building having a heart-toheart. Hawkeye tells Iron Man about his dead son and how it is his birthday.(the son Black Widow killed back in Ultimates 2) Sad day for poor 'ol Clint. But the deep, sensitive moment doesn't last long because the newly super powered Defenders comes a calling and ready to brawl. This Defenders team consists of: Son of Satan, Power Man, Hell Cat, Black Knight, and Knight Hawk. These guys def got a big power up since we last seen them in Ultimates 2. So the Ultimates and the Defenders duke it out for awhile until the Defenders manage to escape with Thors hammer. (Valkyre had it on her person) Wonder why the Defenders would want Thors hammer? I guess we will have to wait and see. I don't want to give much more away about this issue but i will say that Tony Stark has a new girl friend and a major villian from the Ultimates past comes back to give them trouble again. I won't spoil the new line up of the Ultimates here on this review but if you really want to know just private message me. so i def recommend you going out and getting this issue. It's def worth the 3.99 price tag.
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