Review: Ultimate Mystery #2

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Jessica Drew gets a job at the Roxxon Corporation in order in infiltrate the company, Captain Marvel and Rick Jones learn why each of them are on Earth, and what for, and the "depowered" Ben Grimm learns he's not as depowered as he thought he was.

The Good

There's a lot of great stuff happening in this book. Kree Captain Marvel is insanely awesome. Great costume design, and he's got a little bit of transformer in him as we see in this issue. We're starting to understand his purpose in what seems to be act 2 of this three act arc. Arc 1 being Ultimate Enemy. The art is incredibly detailed and flat-out beautiful. The Ultimate line is raising the bar for artwork over at Marvel. The writing and story are pretty solid, but Bendis usually is. There is, however, a pretty awesome Nick Fury joke in here. It was confusing the first time reading through it, but upon a second look, it was one of the few "laugh out loud" moments I've had in comics.

The Bad

Overall, although the writing and art are great, the story falls a little flat. I'm much more excited for the first issue of this than anything else. There's lots of scene jumping, during parts of the story I felt they could have held on a page or so longer to the last scene. Maybe make the comic a little longer? At least 4 pages?

The Verdict 4/5

It's tough to recommend this to people who haven't been reading the series because much like a lot of current DC books, with Ultimate Mystery, you have to go back a few years to truly grasp what is going on in this one. At least start back at Ultimatum. I'm trying very hard to not make comparisons to Ultimate Galactus Trilogy, but it feels a lot like that, except this story isn't an Ultimate Disappointment Trilogy. Maybe the best thing to do is try starting at Ultimate Mystery #1, or pick up Ultimate Enemy in trade first.
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I'm not really crazy about ultimate stuff.  I tried reading some of it, but just couldn't get into it

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I bought Ultimate Secret because of "Mahr Vehl". He is pretty awesome and he is the main reason I'm probably going to have to hunt this and issue #1 down over the weekend. I haven't read Ultimate Mystery or Ultimate Enemy though...I wasn't aware he was in those.
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I totally forgot to pick this up. WOW (punches myself in the face) 
im upset. i love the Ultimate Universe and i just got punched in the face for not getting this comic. I guess ill have to go pick it up soon.

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If the writing is great, how could the story be flat? That's say the cooking is great but the food is bland.

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Ben rocky skin is a cocoon! How cool is that?! Wonder how f*#ked up this universe can be.

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