Ultimate FF #1

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The Good

The Ultimate universe has gone through some serious changes, even very recently. With S.H.I.E.L.D. out of the picture and the Ultimates being a street-level team, who is going to watch over the world from bigger threats?

What makes this team work together, on the page, is the fact that a few of them are not "prime-time players." Sam Wilson, Susan Storm, Phil Coulson, and Danny Ketch aren't characters fans would think of, right away, when it comes to a new roster for The Ultimates or any other team. Aside from that, this team is much more about geniuses coming together to solve problems rather than tough guys smashing things with their fists.

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov has these characters play off each other very well throughout the scenes. The dialogue is fresh and highly enjoyable. There's some big personalities here and Fialkov has a fine way of showing it through their interactions with each other.

Without giving too much away about this story, ULTIMATE FF deals a lot with cleaning up the aftermath of Cataclysm and the Galactus fallout. There's some bigger things happening here, and frankly, it's easily the most interesting #1 issue, storywise from Marvel in the past few months. Readers are treated to an extremely solid set-up to the book, and a story that is engaging. This is also a great place for new readers to start as well.

The colorwork of Rachelle Rosenberg really helps define the look of this book. Her background shading and tonal transitions are wonderful here. This book utilizes a lot of colors fans aren't used to seeing on heroes: purple, aqua-marine, darker yellows. Simple changes, like that, give this book a real fresh feel.


The Bad

This was a case of loving the story but hating the art. While I really appreciate that Mario Guervara and Tom Grummett step away from the over-done "house style" that fans are way too accustomed to, their style feels unfinished and rushed. Part of this may also be on the inks of Juan Vlasco, which are so thin and almost non-existent. Faces look distorted at times and the sketchy style just isn't working too well through certain scenes here. More predominant inks wouldn't have fixed this, but it certainly would have helped the overall art.

The Verdict

The art may be a bit rough, but the story for ULTIMATE FF #1 is one tremendous start. As far as the Ultimate universe goes, it's a bold, new direction, featuring a team of characters which a few have never really been in the spotlight. It's off to a great start and shows a lot of promise. It's a new team, a new start, and so far, is the best out of the Ultimates books. Overall, I highly recommend this issue and series.

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4 stars? are you mad?

this was awful, the art was terrible, the character design choices are criminal (Iron man and Falcon look like they belonged in 90's Saturday morning cartoon), the big surprise was predictable. The story? protagonists turn up at a place fight bad guys for no reason, hardly sets up anything interesting at all.

the letter on the final page sums its up "I'm Gonna Wreck the Utimate Universe"

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For a book called Future Foundation there wasn't enough science in this issue for me.

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This book needs some Reed Richards.

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I read the issue, it was enjoyable, definitely excited for whats to come

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Yeah, I was excited in the launch of the new Ultimate titles since I've never really read them until Cataclysm, but I just did not like this at ALL.

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My LCS didn't have it this week so I have to wait until next week to get it but great review. Gives me hope that I can work passed the bad art and still enjoy the story.

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@novemberx2 said:

4 stars? are you mad?

Surprised that someone has a different opinion than you? Are you mad? Come on, now. Your post would still get the same point across without the totally abrasive remark. Just saying.

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:D great book I'm gonna keep buying it.

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This book seems to be getting really mixed reviews. Newsarama also gave it a glowing review but the people at my LCS who read it said it was terrible ( They where sold out so I did not get a copy). I wonder why it seems this is a love it or hate it series?

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@novemberx2: The writing ultimately was decent , but the art was indeed horrible , and reminded me of something like The Avengers: United They Stand , from 1999 ...

It's not even a similar artstyle , but it's the same vibe of all around lameness for the costumes i got , especially for Falcon

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You know, I actually really enjoyed this issue. I didn't even mind the art myself, the only thing that bugged the holy heck out of me... was Falcon's mask lol. It felt so forced, like it really had no reason or place to be in this title lol. Kill it with fire!

Otherwise, I really like this issue myself, and would of given it 4 stars too.

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That was great issue :D

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