Ultimate Fantastic Four! FAN FORuM!

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I am a Fan of the Ultimate Fantastic Four! And I think they should come back! Ok why can't they? Reed is a bad guy, and is in Jail, and is Evil, ok I get it, but Why, Does the Ultimate Fantastic Four really need Reed? I think that A sub would be ok? What about Strange Josie? Or Spiderman? If Spiderman can Die, and they can Make a New Spiderman, Why on EARTH Can the Ultimate FF Come back? I ask Everyone! what do you think?

Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 Strange Josie

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I think the whole Reed thing was weird as balls.

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@ReVamp: I agree!

But we could also Put in Spider woman? or She Hulk?

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UFF was a whole lot of fun up until the end of the Psycho Man/Silver Surfer storyline, then it RAPIDLY declined.

With all of the changes being thrown around the Ultimate U all the time, I'm sure they could easily bring Reed back and have a FF team. (I think a clone's appropriate in this case) The problem is, that book was never a great seller, even when it had top teams on it.

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@Crash_Recovery: But ULtimate Mystery, Enemy, and Ultimate Doom, was a good story. Ultimate X was a bad story that took Forever to Release, and then the hulk even left. I have the UFF Trades, but they don't seem to really work with the other teams, but I still think they could be Cool

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For Ultimate FF to be good again they would need to bring Reed back, hear me out, it could involve Doom, for example, him having a genetic duplicate/clone to cover the whole being killed by Ben thing, then, after the FF discovering Doom was alive, the reader would be told that the Reed imprisoned by SHIELD and stuff was a clone made by Doom with some plot to make Reed a villain to everyone, of course only Doom would know this showing us the real Reed imprisoned, so a couple of issues later, would be when the FF team and SHIELD would discover the real Reed and free him but of course, he couldnt be seen by the world which could give way to a couple of other stories

And personally i want Ben as his Rocky orange self again, the purple thing was a little bit stupid, it could be used like something as a powerup, like if he used it too much he would return to the orange rock body, mainly to store energy or something to use the purple state again

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I was just thinking about it. Why does the Ultimate Universe currently have only 3 books coming out?

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@Twentyfive: i think because of low sales on UFF

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@ZenTzen: Oh, duh. That makes sense. I am relatively unschooled when it comes to Marvel. Marvel is harder to get into than DC for me, but as soon as NOW rolls along, I'll be picking up Marvel books more. They need to streamline their website, so I can know what's going on.

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@Twentyfive: I know what you mean! it seems like there are alot of other Ultimate books, Ultimate X, Ultimate Doom.

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@Crash_Recovery: I just got that book, and it was REALLY BAD! I mean WOW, that is Bad, I heard alot of people talk has if the zombies were bad but this, it was the first time i thought, why did i buy this

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@Watcherg6: Yeah it went from fun to awful pretty quickly. I can totally understand why they felt it was ok to take Ultimate Reed in the direction he eventually went after that...the damage was already done.

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@Crash_Recovery: BUt why have ben Kill Doom?

but it doesn't change that they could Bring it back. they don't have to have it like a Main comic, but give us a 6 part story or something. Like Hellboy, or BPRD, just something

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The Ultimate U started as a place for the big ideas considered too wild or risky for the Main 616 continuity. Up-and-coming talent was brought in to develop the look and feel.

Eventually, most of the best ideas of the Ultimate U were adopted by the 616, and the talent was paid to come to the "big kid playground".

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@ZenTzen: Here is a question, why it get better at Ultimatum?

@ReVamp: what do you think?

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@Watcherg6: About Ultimatum?

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Like i said UFF got better around late 50's, so so aside from Silver surfer, i can only hope it gets better

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@revamp: Like, them Slitting up? is that the question?

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