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 Witness the birth of The Four - Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm & Ben Grimm – superhero icons for the new century! High school genius Reed Richards invites his friends to join him on the journey of a lifetime - and the Ultimate Universe will never be the same!

Reed Richards has succeeded in creating a technology that will revolutionize human society and he's asked his three friends – Ben Grimm and Sue & Johnny Storm – to join him in its inaugural testing. The world is about to change, but not in the way Reed, or anyone else, expects!

Reed Richards' revolutionary scientific experiment has gone terribly wrong, and he, Sue & Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm and another rival schoolmate are changed forever, along with the entire world! So where does the misanthropic "Mole-Man" fit into all this?

Susan Storm volunteered to be part of Reed Richards' revolutionary experiment along with her friends, but she didn't end up where they did. Alone, Sue finds herself in the subterranean domain of the misanthropic Mole Man!

As the first story arc concludes, the fledgling "Fantastic Four" battle the Mole Man.

 It was too big to fit in five issues, so we're concluding the Ultimate FF's first story line in six! The Mole Man and his army of ani-men confront the only four people in the world who can stop his plan of global conquest. Guess who they are?
Reprints Ultimate Fantastic Four #1-6.     

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