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  It's the start of Doom's arc! We finally learn what happened to Victor Van Damme following that horrifying teleportation accident, even as we begin to learn the fascinating background of this singular young man. Just wait'll you learn his lineage! Plus: each member of the spanking-new Fantastic Four grapples with their bizarre powers and appearance. Are they still human?

Reed tries to explain exactly what happened to them in the accident and then test the limits of Ben's abilities. Mean while Victor Van Damme releases his revenge in the form of robotic insects sent to kill his former lab partners.

While the Four fight for their lives, an those in the Baxter Building, Reed discovers just who sent the the metallic insects to destroy them. Victor Van Damme.

The insane Victor Van Damme has struck at the Baxter Building from thousands of miles away -- but the U.S. Army is preventing the Fantastic Four from responding. And no one tells Reed Richards that there's something he's not allowed to do. Plus: The introduction of the Fantasti-car.

The fledgling Fantastic Four are coming for the man who has built a small monarchy in the middle of Europe - Victor Van Damme! But Van Damme believes he has the perfect weapon to counter the Four. You must not miss the first ever clash between Ultimate Doom and Ultimate FF!

In the final part of the Doom series, Reed faces Victor Van Damme in an attempt to get back many things he'd done to the Four. Though just as quickly as the tide seems to turn in their favor, Victor shows his control over the people an uses them as his defense.

Reprints Ultimate Fantastic Four #7-12.

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