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In Copenhagen, Denmark, two young men meet in a bar. One of them, Hjalmar, tells the other, Danny, that he should go to the Keep, where Victor van Damme is giving out free food, free electricity, and free internet. The two travel to the Keep, where they see van Damme, who releases a bag full of strange mechanical insects.

Meanwhile, in America, Reed explains to Ben that he knows how they got changed and could reverse it if Victor gave them the codes he programmed into their teleporter. The two head over to a press where Sue wants to test Ben's strength. She starts it off with a ton, and Ben easily breaks the press. Sue works out that Ben put out about 7 tons per square inch per hand. This means that he could screw up a tank like it's a paper bag. Just then, the glass shatters and a swarm of insect-like robots attack them....

Down in the street, Johnny is trying to pick up a girl by pretending he's Justin Timberlake. She points out that a heap of insects are heading to the Baxter Building, so Johnny flames on and gets into the building.

Meanwhile, Reed, Sue and Ben are trying to fight the insects, but in the middle of the fight, one heads straight for Reed and is just inches from killing him.....

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