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'DIABLO' Part 1 (OF 3) The F.F. are pulled into a madman's scheme when those closest to them are drawn back through time as a lure to get the foursome to follow. And what awaits them in the years 1483 is a man with a quest to change the world-literally. Meet the alchemist supreme: Ultimate Diablo!

Milan - 1483 A.D.

An alchemist by the name of Menendez Flores, also called "Diablo", finds himself trapped in a stone tower after a fight with four other alchemists. He finds that the only way to escape is if he has control of the four elements that bound him there: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. He spends 16 years trapped in the tower with his assistant Peppone, and he gazes into the future to find the elements that he needs. Through his vantage, he looks upon Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, Reed Richards, and Johnny Storm.

New York City - Present

As Reed Richards continues to work on his "volitional lattice", Sue becomes concerned for his health. He'd been working on this project for three weeks, and no progress. Elsewhere, Ben Grimm visits his mother for the first time since his life-changing accident. They sit down for coffee, and Ben talks with her about how he's been feeling about his new abilities. Johnny Storm, sitting in a movie theater with his girlfriend Donna, tries to defend himself for not calling her while in Acheron. Suddenly, Donna disappears into thin air. In the Baxter Building, Franklin Storm vanishes while speaking with Reed and Sure. And Ben Grimm's mother, while trying to restore his confidence, disappears.

The Fantastic Four gathers at the Baxter Building, but before they can confer, Diablo's assistant Peppone appears before them with a fiery visage. He informs them that his master Menendez Flores wishes to challenge them to a battle of wit, skill, and strength. If they do not accept, their loved ones will be killed. He says that his master has prepared a gate to his time, 1499. Peppone disappears, and the gate appears in the streets below. Reed finds out that his sister Enid was the fourth of their loved ones to disappear, and the Fantastic Four prepare to enter the Fifteenth Century.

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