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Continuing on from the previous issue, Reed and Victor van Damme are facing each other, about to fight. Reed taunts Victor until Victor leaps at him in rage, which Reed easily dodges. Reed tells Victor that all he wants are the codes he programmed into the teleporter, but Doom laughs at Reed. Johnny appears and shoots flames at Victor, just before Sue arrives and creates a force field around Victor's head so he can't breathe. After Ben attacks him, Victor activates a device which makes the hundreds of people in the Keep attack the Fantastic Four. Reed thinks he can make disable the device in a few minutes, but before he disables it the Army arrive, ready to take Victor away. The Army is about to take the Fantastic Four back to America too, but the Danish army arrive and tell the American Army that they aren't allowed to take Victor away, due to certain reasons. Just before they go, Reed disables Victor's mind control device, and all of Victor's subjects leave. Victor taunts Reed that he has still won, as he alone has the codes that could change them back, so in retaliation Reed grabs one of Victor's "needles" which he fired at them before, and slashes Victor's face. Victor stutters that it isn't healing, and Reed tells him that he has been impaled on his own sword.

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