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Okay, I'll admit it. I picked this issue up simply because of the new Ultimate Spider-Man reveal. I told myself I would avoid this book, and just buy Ultimate Spider-Man when it came out, but I was really excited for this issue. 
The issue is comprised of three stories. Brian Bendis, and Sara Pichelli start off with a tale of the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, as he fights Kangaroo. I've always loved Ultimate Spider-Man. It's been one of my favorite books for a long time, but I think Bendis threw too many quips in this issue. I enjoyed the plot, and the way he chose to introduce a new character was very intresting, but the constant banter made this tough to get through. Pichelli's art was solid. it's not my favorite style, but I like the clean dynamic, classic style her work has. 
The next story is Mr Fantastic, and it's done by Jonathan Hickman and Salvador Larocca. Reed is trying to escape from the negative zone, and it's very much a science-based story. The story ends in the present, and we get to see a hint at what's to come for the Ultimate Fantastic Four. I guess it's my fauly for picking this issue up, and not having read any of the others, but i didn't understand this. I've never actually read Ultimate fantastic Four, so there were no really no stakes here. The art was okay here, and i enjoy the sleek style, but I didn't see anything special. 
The last story, by Nick Spencer and Clayton Crain was a Valerie Cooper centered story. I loved this story. Loved it. The dialogue is realistic, and you can feel the tension between the two characters. I loved the lines about the ice cream. The ending was very "high stakes", and it was the most exciting ending out of them. Clayton Crain's art was great. The realistic style fits the story, and that's jus what this  book needs. The bright colors make it really stand out. 
Overall, this issue didn't do much for me, but the stories on an individual basis were  good. I guess the last story was so good it made up for the second story not being so good. Going to pick up the next issue to see what happens.
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