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The first story - "Captain America" - about talk aunt May with Steven Rogers.

The second - "Thor" - about life after death.

The third - "Rogue" - about this ex X-man and her feeling about the death of friends.

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Ultimate Fallout continues. 0

Synopsis: Captain America, Thor, and Rouge deal with Peter's death in their own way. What's Good? Not only is Ultimate Fallout is dealing with the Death of Spider-Man, this is also dealing with the rest of the Ultimate Universe as well. This issue splits into three stories: Captain America, Thor, and Rouge. Captain America's story takes place where the previous issue left off with him confronting Aunt May. A confrontation with Aunt May and Steve Rogers was something needed to be addressed early....

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Intensity With A Slight Digression 0

As predicted, Ultimate Fallout has shifted from pure Spider-Man mode to accommodate the other series that are about to start up in the Reborn lineup. The Spider-Crew still takes center stage, but we get stories from Thor and Rogue, comprising 3/4 of the new books (only Hawkeye is missing). Bendis wrote the Spidey stuff, Hickman wrote Thor, and Spencer Rogue. This is the first time we've got all three from the Reborn relaunch all writing together in unison and I hope this collaboration continues ...

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Legends never die... 0

How does heroes like Cap, Thor, and Rogue take death? Find out here. Captain America. So we finally see how Cap feels about "The Death" of a hero he could have stoped one that he caused. it's very well written and Aunt May has some great dilogue and Steve definitley seems to regret alot of stuff. Which he should it's his fault.   Cap'sArt. Art didn't exactly impress me it was average. Thor. My favorite story we get a glimpse of Valhalla and see other dead Ultimate heroes like Wasp, Ant-Man, Cycl...

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