_o0johnny0o_'s Ultimate Enemy #4 - Part Four review

A let down (Spoiler Free)

The finale of Ultimate Enemy comes to our stores and I have to say, I was a bit dissapointed.  I've read the each book (reviewed the last one) and was hoping we would find the plot tied up with those niggling questions answered. Who is this mysterious attacker? What's his motive? What's happening to good ol' Ben Grimm? What do all of the attacks have in common? If you're looking for the answers to these questions, unfortunately you may be dissapointed.  An interesting point is that this is the first time the blurb released by Marvel mentions the phrase: Ultimate Enemy Trilogy'. It may have been my ignorance but I thought this was going to be a short series, something of a good 4 issue adventure.  
But it wasn't to be, this is the '...conclusion to part one of the Ultimate Enemy trilogy'  Meaning, we're looking at possibly another 8 issues until things get rounded up. Anyway, on with something a bit more positive
The Good

  • Rafa Sandoval's art here is superb.
  • True to 'Ultimate' style, the characters are taken in new directions
  • Hawkeye
I can't stress enough how much I wanted to like this series.  I have a lot of respect for Bendis and the detail Sandoval's art compels you have a soft spot for the issue.  I'd especially not here the impressive work he does with characters eyes and facial expression with it being simply subtle and sublime.  Also, if you're picking up an Ultimate book, I think the general consensus is that you do want to see characters taken in other directions and it certainly does that here.  Lastly, I did enjoy Hawkeye's contribution here but as I type this I fear that this small part might have been the only writing I didn't dislike or feel indifferent about.
The Bad
  • A conclusion should really conclude something
  • The dialogue was a bit cheesy in some parts
  • Left feeling underwelmed
I praised the dialogue in the last issue and assumed it would continue to the fourth issue.  This however was not the case (I'd direct anyone to Sue Storm's talk around halfway through the book.  I think I cringed.  A lot.  However my main hang up about this issue was how so much yet so little can happen.  The same with the last issue, you could spoil it in only a couple of sentences.  When I came to the final page, yeah sure there was something of a revelation but it really just makes you ask more questions than you get answers.  I feel like I'm being taken for a ride when at the end of the previous issue it says in big letters 'To be concluded' , nothing gets answered and then at the back of the issue comes a big advert for Ultimate Mystery (ie the next part you have to buy)
 The Verdict: 2.5/5
The word is 'meh'. I was reluctant to purchse this issue but I thought 'I might as well find out how it ends, I wouldn't read up to the last chapter of a novel and decide to put it down'  I realised about halfway through this that I wouldn't get my answers unless it was a quick wrap up.  I can't help but shake the feeling that the writing has been stretched out on purpose to fill the upcoming issues rather than written this because it's the best way to deliver it (a cynical view, I know but there's an expectionally long aspect with Spiderman which is just filler)  I won't be picking up Ultimate Mystery, I simply dont care about the characters any more. However the silver lining I'm taking away from this is Sandoval's art, it's his art that made me emphasise with characters rather than the writing. I'm gonna look out for him in the future.
Posted by ManuelPrez

I had the same feeling about this issue. I wanted to see more issues to see whats really happening

Posted by simonchan

I'm always a big fan of bendis, and its been apparent that he's been building this up (the thing has been dropping his shell for a while in previous ultimate teamup issues*) evern though there are a lot of unanswered questions, im sure it'll all  add up to something awesome at the end. I mean.... its not gonna be as disappointing as lost's finale right?

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