hahamanhv's Ultimate Enemy #3 - Part Three review

Ultimate Comics Enemy Issue 3, SPOILERS

After 2 issues of set up, the third issue of a four part mini-series should be off the hook plot, action, and a fun read right? This should be the golden issue, right? Well, that's not the case here. And upon reflection, issues one and two weren't that great either, I was just blinded by having Ultimate Universe comics again, I didn't care about the quality, more that it was there. That was word off now. I see this for what it truly is. Pointless. 
Issue 3 starts off right where issue 2 left off, however across town at the Triskelion, where Captain Carol Danvers is struggling to take control of the situation she's in, with attacks all over the city and surrounding area. She then goes to the bathroom and gets into a fight with Nick Fury where he says he doesn't trust her. Spidey and friends are attacked at his house and Captain Danvers gets word and sends a battalion of Hulkbusters and the remaining 3/4ths of the Fantastic 4. They fight, leading to Ben getting blasted by the aliens radiation and the issue ends with Ben seemingly blasting the area and glowing purple. 
  The good thing about this issue is that it's missing a lot of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman action. Now, don't get me wrong, I love their characters. However, I am just so sick of the way Rafa Sandoval draws the two of them. So the art in this book is top notch for the most part, which made it much better and easier to get through. Also, Iceman just rocks in this issue and proves his worth in the Ultimate Universe, a definite plus. Seeing an actual fight was nice too. 
The bad thing though is that this entire mini-series has done nothing so far in these four issues. I mean, there have been literally two developments, both kinda irrelevant right now. Reed Richards died, but not being in anything and the way it was handled made it worthless. Then Ben said he loves Invisible Woman, which was cool. This issue had none of this though. Nothing happened, and no matter how pretty the pictures, if a book is on the shelves I want it to serve a purpose or do something, especially if it's a mini. Oh, and Carol Danvers is way too snippy here, it just bugs me. 
Overall, save your money. While not bad, this comic doesn't do much and until this trilogy is completed (Next is Ultimate Mystery I believe) this isn't much to value. 2.5 out of 5. Try again guys, sorry.


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