hahamanhv's Ultimate Enemy #2 - Part Two review

Ultimate Comics Enemy Issue 2, SPOILERS

The first issue of anything, whether it be a mini-series or ongoing, is going to be slow. It's the set up for the story and not much is going to happen (And I think that's the way it should be so that you get hooked in). That being said, issue 1 of Ultimate Comics Enemy wasn't that bad, but issue 2 is where it gets it's chance to shine. 
 And now to spoil things. 
The issue opens up where we left it, with Nick Fury fighting the unknown monster from last issue, when Johnny Storm and Spider-Man joining in to help out Fury and end the fight. The fight ends of course, with Mr. Mystery (since we don't know who he is, I'm calling him this) fleeing from the fight. Afterwards they go and save Ben and Sue of the formerly Fantastic 4 and capture a sample of the creature that attacked the Baxter Building, effectively demolishing it. Spider-Girl gets attacked by Mr. Mystery and makes it to safety, getting away, meanwhile Ben, Johnny, Sue and Spidey go to visit Reed Richards, only to find out that he has been killed by the same type of creature that attacked the Baxter building (I somehow doubt he's dead though). But Spidey realizes that if they could find Reed, then they could just as easily find his home, which would lead them to Aunt May! Well Spidey's right, and Aunt May better look out! (Although since Iceman lives with them, he could stall I suppose) 
Overall, the plot of this issue actually felt like it mattered, something the first issue lacked. Possibly killing Reed Richards matters any way you look at it, and it was nice to se that this mini will be more relevant than say, Armor Wars was. However, this new mystery villain is not going to be that important in the long run, you can just tell. He's too mysterious in origin but generic in role that you can tell he is easily replaceable if they were to try and use him again. Unless we get some special insight into him in the next 2 issues, expect him to be of no importance. 
The art in this issue is much better than last time, and I think that largely has to deal with who it's about. Rafa Sandoval draws a fantastic rendition of the Thing, and his Fury is pretty darn good too. The only problem I have with his art is that women are a bit off looking and his Spider-people have moving eyes. His women are fine for the most part, but their faces are really interchangeable and from what I have heard he is better than this. His Spider-people though, have moving eyes, as I said. The yes are wide in some panels, closed in others, and in one particularly uneven panel (Great background and figure, odd face), one eye is wide open and looks like Stuart Immonen drew it and the other looks like Steve Ditko drew it. Both fantastic artists, but this isn't Deadpool, both eyes should be even. 
Overall, I give this a 4 out of 5. The art picks up and the writing remains superb, with the plot progressing so it has real relevance. However, generic villains and overall plot hold this back (It can be generic and relevant after all). There are much worse things to read though.


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