hahamanhv's Ultimate Enemy #1 - Part One review

Ultimate Comics Enemy Issue 1, SPOILERS

So here is the thing. Brian Michael Bendis is a genius. I know not everybody likes his writing but you have to admit that he has created some very interesting stories in the normal Marvel Universe and he pretty much created the entire Ultimate Marvel Universe (In terms of what he has contributed). That being said, this issue wasn't bad, but it was disappointing for me. 
 And now to spoil things. 
Truth be told, there isn't much to spoil. And that is ultimately this issues downfall. See, the majority of the book is spent catching up with characters that haven't been heard from very much since Ultimatum. Among them, Spider-Woman (Who I think is incredible in the Ultimate Universe), Reed Richards (Who has been pretty inconsistent with different writers in the Ult. U.), Invisible Woman (Who to be honest is overexposed, I mean she is in every comic book these days, being all invisible in the back), The Thing (Who is really really depressing in the Ult. U) and finally Nick Fury (Who is badass). The catch-up is really nice to see on these characters lucky enough to survive Ultimatum and I think that all the new situations they are in make sense. 
To summarize the common thread in these stories, things blow up. That's about it. It's issue one and it's a big mystery right now. The closest thing you get to an explanation is a muscular shadowy figure at the end of the issue who appears in one panel. Big woop. I was really underwhelmed here and it just didn't do it for me. I'm sure it will unfold into something cool but I just always feel like mystery is not Bendis's strongest point (Not bad, just not as good). 
My main problem with this issue though is the art. It's not bad. I am not saying that and I think it fits the comic perfectly and is well done for the most part. However, it's the details that bug me. Like on the first page you see Spider-Woman swinging and one panel gives her tiny eyes on her mask which you never see happen again. Then a few pages later the eyes are off again according to the angle. Reed's dad bugs the hell out of me, seeing how he looks nothing like he did before and basically looks like older Reed, which he should, but not this much. His Thing is great, that much I will say. I thought he drew him perfectly and I will be referencing his drawing of him for many of my own. But then at the end his Nick Fury in disguise bugged me because it had a white eye randomly. These are minor problems though, but they irk me (I'm a man of details). 
Overall, this issue wasn't bad in the slightest, but not particularly great. Nothing happened and at the end of the issue all I really gained was a catch up of the Ultimate Universe. I will point out though, the scene between Thing and Invisible Woman (Ben and Sue), was perfect. I couldn't imagine it playing out any other way and yet I never saw it coming. It was a very nice scene and a great addition to the issue. 
3.5 out of 5. A good catch up issue but nothing you ULTIMATEly need (Had to throw in one pun).

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