uncanny89's Ultimate Enemy #1 - Part One review

I thought this was a good 1st issue

I really liked this issue, it introduced me to alot of Ultiamte versions of characters i wouldnt of read about.  There were some suprises in this issue like for example what happens between the thing and the invisible woman, or what happens at Reed Richards house.  
Heres what i liked about the ssue, the art is great, the writing is Bendis which is always good, it introduced me to new characters, and left on a cliff hanger. 
what i didnt like however was that it left on a clif hanger, im mostly used to trades in the 1610 universe and i dont like not knowing whats about to happen lol 
The is one extra thing i liked though, the shape of the being at the end looks alot like Onslaught....

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Posted by Raziel3024

Ultimate Onslaught? Cool.
If it is him, I wonder what his back story will be in this universe.

Posted by timrothsays

>>Bendis which is always good
I don't think so xD

Posted by uncanny89
thats a matter of opinion 

i thikn that it will be similar to what it is in the 616 but instead of magneto and Xavier being alive theyre dead in this universe.
Posted by Raziel3024
Xavier didn't wipe Magneto's mind this time so it's hard to see how Ultimate Onslaught could have been "conceived".
Posted by uncanny89
Well there are alot of things different in the Ultimate U so maybe it could be onslaught. 
Posted by Argentino_18

I dont think is Onslaught.. why would he attack Fury?

Posted by uncanny89
hes not just attacking nick fury is all of new york, remember this is the ultimate universe so anything is possible.  Im not saying it will be onslaught but imo it looks like it was him
Posted by The Prez

Total agreement. Another thing bout this issue is the Ben Grimm making a statement. I don't know guys but that was the best part of the issue. 

Posted by uncanny89
@The Prez:
i thought the best part was at Reed's house i was like WTF lol

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