sora_thekey's Ultimate Doom #3 - Part 3 review

Ultimately Amazing

The universe that got me into reading comics has gone back to it's roots in this amazing trilogy. Once again it is validated, to me, that Brian Michael Bendis is "good at what he does, and what he does is write great stories."
The Good  
The Ultimate Universe was originally made to be allowed to have creative freedom with characters and settings we are already familiar with. That is why they can get away with things like Jessica Drew being a female clone of Spider-Man, Rick Jones being Nova and Reed Richards being a villain. 
This issue continues the story of Reed Richards basically destroying everything. Sue, being smarter than her 616 counterpart has to figure out how to defeat her ex-boyfriend with the help of what's left of the FF, the last head of SHIELD, Nick Fury, the current head, Carol Danvers, Captain Mahr Vehl and Nova. This issue, getting close to the ending, finally begins to tie loose ends. throughout the trilogy we saw two stories, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman's and the story surrounding the characters I mentioned before. This issue finally ties everything together with an interesting twist in the end. 
I have to give special kudos to Rafa Sandoval's art. It is amazing, especially when it comes to drawing large scale scenery, war zones, explosions and world-eating monsters.
The Bad  
Nothing. Yes, it is that good so go get Ultimate Comics Mystery if you haven't been reading this series. 

The Verdict - 5 out of 5 
The art, the story, it is all great. This trilogy is nearing it's end so I suggest you go catch up with the book. This is what the Ultimate Universe was made for, for stories like these. The only problem is that I have to wait for a whole month until I can read the next issue!

Posted by Comiclove5

Great review as always.

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