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Natural Resources Part 2

I´m sad to say this is a step-down from the previous issue. They followed up nicely on Jimmy Hudsons talk with Mach Two´s camp. I can totally understand his reasoning, but I don´t agree with the recap page who calls this a betrayal to Kitty. I mean its clear he´s still on her side, he´s just reasoning that it´s great if they can be united against outside threats. I´m very dissapointed in the revelation of Jean Greys motives, but as I got closer to the end of the issue I realized its something that is part of her person, I just think they could have done something better with it. Though all hope is not lost. There is still room for an awesome showdown between her and Kittys group after this whole Natural Resources thing is over. And this is only part two of the story so they still have time to get back on track, I only hoped that they had kept up the great momentum they had in last issue.

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