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Natural Resources Part 1

I really liked this issue. I like what Kitty and her gang has done with Utopia and I like how far Kitty herself has come as a character. But unfortunately as we saw in the opening splash page, this can´t last. And no wonder, since they are being conspired against from three different groups at the same time. Two of which, who under these circumstances should side with them, at least in my opinion. I can understand Mach Two´s reasoning even though she´s pissed me off since day one. The Tian group I´m a bit more confused about. What are Jean Greys motives? Why does she think Utopia is such an awful idea? I mean, she was one of the original X-Men for crying out loud, along with Storm, and she sided with Kitty. I guess we´ll get our answers soon. It was also nice to get an explanation on why Psylocke would serve under Mach Two. The business people are the least intresting antagonists at this point, since they are just hammering on the whole mutant racism as usual. Though how they go about it sounds like it could have potential. The issue ended on an intresting note too since it made me curious on what Jimmy Hudson wanted to talk to Mach Two´s gang about.


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