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The world is in a state of sheer panic. The United States government has been outed as the creator of the X-Gene and mutants have been branded terrorists. It is in this insanity that the X-Men emerge. How will these former X-Men fair in a world where they are criminals? Will they be willing to defend mankind when all of humanity cries out for their imprisonment?

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God hates Mutants? I didn't know that. 0

Synopsis: Kitty and her group goes to rescue Rogue while Reverend Stryker focuses on "God's will". What's Good? Instead of Nick Spencer focusing on so many different plot angles like in the previous issue, he focus on only two in this issue: Kitty Pryde's group and Reverend William Stryker's anti-mutant group. Kitty Pryde is easily my favorite character in this series due to her exposure with other series. It's amazing how much she has matured since Ultimate X-men and Ultimate Spider-Man from a ...

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"This Is All A Part Of HIS Plan" 0

Things have taken a turn for the religious for the X-Men. During Fallout we had an interesting look in at Rogue's whereabouts and her current mental state. We saw that she was turning back to her religious roots and we wondered how that would play out. I didn't think it would go this way, but I like it.Everything about this issue deals with religion. Be it Rogue's zealotry, William Stryker's new Crusaders (just look at their uniforms. I love that they never explicitly called them out as crusader...

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