nefilim927's Ultimate Comics X-Men #10 - Mutants Behind Bars! review

The Fall of Camp Angel

The Fall of Camp Angel continues and comes to a grim head in issue #10 of Ultimate Comics X-men. As a fresh take on the X-Men universe I felt this comic was a great addition to the run.


As there is so much still unexplored in the Ultimate mutant universe I loved seeing all these new faces in the fight against the camp. One can only hope there will be at least some development for some of the mutants who were spotlighted in a panel or two. I was getting a little tired of the initial William Stryker/Nimrod story but this seemed to refresh things. The vote between Storm and Stacy X and Colossus' ultimate decision were my other highlights of the issue. As far as the art goes, though Paco Medina isn't a particular favorite of mine, his art serves the issue well. His scenes at the camp incorporate a lot of action and characters and remains clear and enjoyable. I also enjoy how the book is able to shift focus between groups of mutants right now. We started off focusing on Kitty and her group and are able to transition to the whole Camp Angel story. Which is why I like the Ultimate mutant universe right now...lotta options! Solid story, solid art.


Not much to really say as far as dislikes with this issue. Aside from just wanting that next issue I don't really have any complaints. If it winds up that we don't see anything out of characters like U.S. Agent and Strong Guy down the line I will be disappointed but that certainly can't be held against this particular issue.

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