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Legacies Part 1

So, we finally get the beginning of Jimmy Hudsons background. I like that we are learning alongside Jimmy himself, since he doesnt know too much aside from that Wolverine is his father. We go back a few years(they of course doesnt specify how long) and see Wolverine involved in some undercover mission together with a team of operatives. I like that setup, since it puts us right in the middle of the story, and it gets the plot going at a fast pace. We hear certain names being mentioned which I assume will be important later on, along with the typical mysterious red dressed woman. Quicksilver also shows up briefly to confuse us even more on where and when this takes place. For a first issue, this is a decent setup. A lot of questions have been raised, and I´m sure a lot more will be added(and hopefully resolved) before the mini series is over.

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