Spider-Woman and the Ultimates.

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That's gonna happen, right? Didn't Bendis say that she would be appearing in The Ultimates at some point?

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Ok I read the first issue. There is a blurb about her. So I'm hoping to see her around issue #5.


Ultimates #5

Called it!!!

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@blur1528: Both Jessica Drew and, if I'm not mistaken, Ben Grimm work for the government. Spider-Woman, specifically, is a SHIELD agent, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Ben/Sue in this first arc considering that Reed is the villain.

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@el33tcapitan: That'd be great. I love that cover to issue #5 and I would like to see more of Ben and Sue. I don't think I've seen them since puny Parker's birthday.

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@blur1528: If you didn't read Ultimates #3, Jessica Drew is in that. She doesn't get to do much (or succeed at anything), but she's in it.

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@el33tcapitan: Yea it was nice to see her but she didn't quite look like herself.

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And I want to read Ultimates# 9, to find out what had happened to her on!

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